Benefits LEED – Fox Blocks

Fox Blocks 
Insulated Concrete Walls specified for the exterior building envelope on sustainable projects will add directly and indirectly to the contribution of LEED points in multiple credit categories.

In the USA there are 2 LEED Guides for which Fox Blocks ICF can make a contribution to the project point score:
LEED 2009: Reference Guide for Green Building Design and Construction for the Design, Construction and Major Renovations of Commercial and Institutional Buildings Including Core & Shell and K-12 School Projects
LEED 2008: Reference Guide For Homes.
Of interest to us is what sections Fox Blocks walls may make contributions to the LEED point scores. For the LEED 2009 Guide, Fox Blocks walls may contribute to point(s) in the following sections:

– EA Prerequisite 2, Minimum Energy Performance
– EA Credit 1, Optimize Energy Performance
– MR Credit 4, Recycled Content
– MR Credit 5, Regional Materials (within 500 miles of Omaha)
– Schools: IEQ Credit 4.6, Low Emitting Materials – Ceiling and Wall Systems

For the LEED 2008 Reference Guide For Homes, Fox Blocks walls may contribute to point(s) in the following sections:
– ID 2, Durability: Planning, Management & Verification
– EA 1, Optimize Energy Performance
– EA 2, Insulation
– EA 3, Air Infiltration
– MR 2, Environmentally Preferable Products
– MR 3, Waste Management
– EQ 10, Garage Pollutant Protection

Total points available in USGBC LEED NC 3.0 are 110. Thresholds for certification are as follows:
LEED NC 3.0 Certified 40–49 Points
LEED NC 3.0 Silver 50–59 Points
LEED NC 3.0 Gold 60–69 Points
LEED NC 3.0 Platinum 80+ Points