ICF, llc is your Southern Nevada insulated concrete forms and accessories dealer since 2004. ICF, llc is an authorized dealer for Fox Blocks and related products such as VBuck and Wind-Lock tools. Our Las Vegas warehouse maintains inventories of ICF forms, bracing, and key accessories.

Resource Center
ICF, llc has AIA certified instructors available at each of our AIA accredited classes for Architects, Engineers and other interested professionals. ICF, llc can provide solutions, options, and cost estimates to architects, developers, engineers, contractors and owner-builders.

ICF, llc can provide lists of professionals who are trained and experienced in ICF design, engineering, installation and finish. These Southern Nevada professionals have the training and experience to create ICF structures from simple basements to complex commercial buildings.

Fox Blocks corporation have support teams to assist with any questions beyond what ICF, llc can provide. They also have technicians available for on-site instruction when needed.

For further resource information please review the following documents Fox Blocks.