ICF, llc is your Southern Nevada insulated concrete forms and accessories dealer since 2004. ICF, llc is an authorized dealer for Fox Blocks and related products such as VBuck and Wind-Lock tools. Our Las Vegas warehouse maintains inventories of ICF forms, bracing, and key accessories.

Fox Blocks offers multiple lines of high performance products suitable for all applications:

Our Core ICF Products – Fox Blocks

For proven strength and performance, the Fox Blocks Series is the basis for successful foundations, walls and buildings.

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Fox Blocks Products

For Lower Freight Costs

The Compact Version offers more economical shipping costs by delivering flat. Ties can then be inserted easily into the panels at the jobsite. This compact product is designed to stack seamlessly with the traditional Fox Blocks line.

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Compact Fox Blocks

For Exposed Concrete Finishes

The Reveal One is an innovative one-sided form. It provides the standard 2 5/8” thick expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam on one side of the concrete wall and temporary wood forming on the other side.

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Fox Blocks Reveal One

Our ICF Accessories For Fox Blocks

Our products are complemented by a full line of accessories to make your project’s construction easier. From window and door bucks to the only patented ICF masonry anchor on the market, we have got you covered.

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Fox Blocks Accessories

For more than 20 years, Wind-lock has supplied the construction market with the tools and accessories to get the job done right, on time and in-budget. As a proven leader in supplying advanced building solutions to the EIFS, Stone and Stucco markets, we applied this leadership mentality to the emerging ICF and SIP markets for weatherization and now drywall and interiors.

With a greater focus on energy conservation and sustainable building, Wind-Lock has proudly begun offering more of the products that can help reduce energy loss and create a more efficient building envelope. This focus brings Wind Lock’s customers the best selection of ICF tools on the market.

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ICF, llc has AIA certified instructors available at each of our AIA accredited classes for Architects, Engineers and other interested professionals. ICF, llc can provide solutions, options, and cost estimates to architects, developers, engineers, contractors and owner-builders.
ICF, llc can provide lists of professionals who are trained and experienced in ICF design, engineering, installation and finish. These Southern Nevada professionals have the training and experience to create ICF structures from simple basements to complex commercial buildings.

Fox Blocks corporation have support teams to assist with any questions beyond what ICF, llc can provide. They also have technicians available for on-site instruction when needed.

For further resource information please review the following documents Fox Blocks.

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Install Guides

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